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About Us

Helping Organizations Link Youth to Financial Services

Making Cents International’s Youth-Inclusive Financial Services Linkage Program (YFS-Link) is a global initiative to expand access of young people to quality financial services by strengthening the capacity of financial service providers (FSPs) and youth serving organizations (YSOs).

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Mission of YFS-Link

To expand access to financial services for youth populations around the world by developing and disseminating high quality trainings that build the capabilities of financial service providers (FSPs) and youth serving organizations (YSOs) to design and deliver services that better serve young people’s needs.

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Capacity Building: Training and Technical Assistance

Making Cents International is taking the lead in developing state-of-the-art curricula and delivering the training to institutions currently or interested in providing or linking youth to financial services. Making Cents also offers specialized technical assistance to reinforce internal capacity of financial service providers (FSPs) and youth serving organizations (YSOs) to develop and deliver financial services, or to develop effective partnerships and linkages to expand the access of youth to appropriate financial services and supporting services.

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YFS-Link Advisory Committee

YFS-Link is pleased to have a distinguished and experienced Advisory Committee to provide strategic and technical advice to the program. Members of the Advisory Committee hail from around the world, representing different institutional types and bringing a range of perspectives and expertise, from financial services to youth programming to monitoring and evaluation.

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About Making Cents International

Making Cents International ( is a social enterprise based in Washington, D.C. that is committed to helping organizations build a legacy of economic opportunity at the individual, community, and global levels.

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