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Helping Organizations Link Youth to Financial Services

Making Cents International’s Youth-Inclusive Financial Services Linkage Program (YFS-Link) is a global initiative to expand access of young people to quality financial services by strengthening the capacity of financial service providers (FSPs) and youth serving organizations (YSOs).

In the context of a global economic crisis, expanding youth populations, and rising youth unemployment, access to appropriate financial services for youth has become more urgent than ever before. Making Cents International's Youth-Inclusive Financial Services Linkage Program (YFS-Link) can help organizations reach youth with financial services or improve their offerings to this important market. YFS-Link is an innovative, three-year, global capacity-building initiative designed to help organizations develop and effectively deliver relevant,  profitable, demand-driven financial products and services to youth.

This initiative, with core funding from The MasterCard Foundation, draws on existing experience and builds new knowledge and sound practices in the sector, while offering innovative, practical tools and guidance that assist institutions to intentionally provide financial services to young people.

Core Elements of the YFS-Link Program

  • State of the Sector: Capture and consolidate the experiences and priorities of major stakeholders in the field of youth-inclusive financial services through a global survey and report.
  • Capacity Building Curricula: Translate knowledge of promising practices into demand-driven modules to train financial services providers and youth-serving organizations. Content will focus on topics such as “the business case,” product development and adaptation, and establishing effective partnerships.
  • Training: Disseminate these capacity building materials globally through partnerships with leading regional and national training and technical assistance providers.
  • Collaborative Learning and Resource Center: Create an online platform to facilitate ongoing learning and exchange, serve as the “go-to” place for resources, and provide the latest information on who is doing what where in youth financial services.


Making Cents International would like to thank The MasterCard Foundation for its continued support and commitment to the YFS-Link program.

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