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Jared Penner

Mar 29, 2012

CYFI Celebrates Child and Youth Finance Week and the Ringing of the NASDAQ Opening Bell

by Jared Penner — last modified Mar 29, 2012 02:45 PM

Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI) is a global network of financial service prCYFI Youth Opening Accountsoviders, government representatives, youth serving organizations, and academics working together to improve financial access and financial, social and livelihoods education for children and youth throughout the world. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the CYFI Secretariat coordinates efforts to advance the Child and Youth Finance Movement worldwide.

Child and Youth Finance Week

Our first Child and Youth Finance week was a resounding success, and we could not be happier! Youth from all over the world were given the opportunity to connect and share about the financial issues that matter most to them. Young people from 26 countries participated in events ranging from central bank tours, visits from financial luminaries, Skype calls with youth in different countries, and talks from financial planners and experts. Kids spoke about savings, starting their own business, earning interest, working, and sharing with their friends and family members.

Young people Namibia showed us their Ant Banks (click for video), which are used to encourage savings at home and at the bank; Junior Achievers in Argentina told us about making and selling auto safety kits and brownies to put money towards their future; and young people in Turkey shared their experiences saving for motorcycles to get them to and from work. It is exciting to see kids from all over the world enthusiastic about saving and enterprise. You can watch a short video on the hi-lights from Child and Youth Finance Week here.

Photos and videos from all of our partners, collaborators and new friends are being posted at The site, set up by CYFI, allows young people from all over the world to connect virtually on issues related to money, enterprise, and relations with financial institutions. We encourage you to visit the site and share it with young people who you think would be interested in joining our online community and helping to change the future of finance for youth around the world.

Ringing of the NASDAQ Opening Bell

CYFI also had the honour of ringing in the opening bell at the NASDAQ on Wednesday, March 21, alongside Making Cents International and other industry partners. This was an excellent way to bring a close to Child and Youth Finance Week, and we were thrilled to be able to share our core beliefs with the financial community.  You can watch the video of the opening bell ceremony below.



CYFI Summit, April 2-4, 2012

We hope that the success of our first annual Child and Youth Finance Week and our upcoming CYFI Summit in Amsterdam (April 2-4, 2012) will bring us that much closer to our goal of financial inclusion for 100 million youth in 100 countries by 2015.