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A categorized list of all the resources available on the YFS-Link platform.

State of the Sector

The following list of frequently asked questions and responses summarize the “State of the Youth-Inclusive Financial Services Sector” for stakeholders who are interested in or actively engaged in this important endeavor.

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General Resources

A collection of YFS resources that includes conference reports, guidelines, and other cross-cutting documents.

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Case Studies from the Field

A collection of case studies that feature the experiences and lessons learned of YFS practitioners from around the world.

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A collection of presentations by YFS practitioners from around the world on what is different about offering services to youth. Available for download.

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YFS-Link Newsletters

Current and previous quarterly newsletter of YFS-Link program.

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YFS Videos

Video interviews with practitioners about what worked and what did not in designing and delivering financial services for youth.

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BRAC Tanzania

BRAC Tanzania is operating the Empowerment and Livelihood for Adolescents program (ELA). The program’s goal is to improve the quality of life of vulnerable adolescents by organizing them, creating safe spaces and helping them develop a set of skills so as they can become confident, empowered and self reliant individuals acting as agents of social change in both their families and households.

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