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Freedom from Hunger

Advancing Integrated Microfinance for Youth (AIM Youth) is a three-year initiative of Freedom from Hunger and local partners in Ecuador (Plan International Ecuador and four cooperatives) and Mali (CAEB, Tonus, Kondo Jigima, and Ny├Ęsigiso) to design, test, and document integrated youth-focused microfinance and financial education services benefitting 37,000 youth, ages 13-24. With this initiative, Freedom from Hunger will build the capacity of NGOs and MFIs to deliver appropriate microfinance services to youth in combination with education needed to use those services wisely and effectively.

International NGO headquarters

Goal to reach 37,000 by end of 2012

13-24, but has worked with children as young as 10

South America and West Africa

Ecuador Mali

Credit Savings

Financial education
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