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YFS-Link Curricula

Making Cents' YFS-Link program has developed seven state-of-the-art curricula for financial services providers and youth-serving organizations currently or interested in providing or linking youth to financial services. Review course syllabi and agendas here, or contact Alexi Taylor-Grosman at [email protected], for additional information.

Serious Business: Making a Case for Youth-Inclusive Financial Services

Through the experiences and lessons learned of ‘first movers’ or ‘early entrant’ financial service providers, this seminar will help participants understand the key considerations around assessing the business case for (or against) entering into, or expanding their existing services, within youth market. This seminar is meant to engage decision-makers from financial service providers who are considering the merits of serving youth with savings, credit, or other financial services.

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Implementing Sound Practices in Youth-Inclusive Financial Services

In the context of a global economic crisis, expanding youth populations, and rising youth unemployment, access to appropriate financial services for youth has become more urgent than ever before. Yet few financial services providers and youth-serving organizations have ventured into the nascent sector of youth-inclusive financial services. This course will help you better understand the challenges and seize the opportunities in the nascent sector of youth-inclusive financial services.

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Market Research with Young Clients

Youth-inclusive market research requires a blend of skills and knowledge. This course prepares financial institutions and youth serving organizations to understand how best to engage potential young clients to develop effective services.

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Adapting and Delivering Financial Services for Young Clients

Youth-inclusive product design involves consideration of the things that make young people unique clients while staying true to best practice in financial service offerings. This course provides a framework for practitioners at financial institutions who are looking to develop products for young clients.

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Partnering for Improved Service Delivery for Young People

Financial institutions often find that young clients are looking to access a range of services not exclusively financial. In order to serve poorer or more marginalized young people, financial service providers will need to explore partnerships. This course is designed as a practical exploration of how effective Financial Service Provider-Youth Serving Organization (FSP-YSO) partnerships are developed.

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Staffing for Improved Service Delivery with Young Clients

This course provides human resources staff with an understanding of the key knowledge, skills, and attitudes for frontline staff in the successful delivery of financial services to youth.

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Savings Products for Young Clients

This course challenges participants to think critically about how to adapt adult-focused savings products to be more youth-friendly.

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