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Market Research with Young Clients

Youth-inclusive market research requires a blend of skills and knowledge. This course prepares financial institutions and youth serving organizations to understand how best to engage potential young clients to develop effective services.

Course Duration

3 days

Course Description

This course is a practical “how to” for financial service providers wishing to deepen their skills and knowledge in conducting market research with young clients, intending to lead to the adaptation or development of financial products and services for youth.  The course offers individuals a set of frameworks for understanding the kinds of skills, knowledge and tools needed to undertake effective market research with young people including consideration of cognitive development and life stage factors. Participants will learn skills in developing market research tools, plans, using data collection tools and using market research tools with young people directly in the field.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will have:

      • Articulated the differences between market research and youth-inclusive market research and the challenges specific to working with youth

      • Practiced facilitating a focus group discussion with young people using tools and guides designed for this purpose.

      • Assessed the internal capacity of  their institutions to plan and implement youth-inclusive market research

      • Identified the steps in planning and implementing market research that may require external support

      • Developed a youth-inclusive market research plan that includes specific steps and key resources

      As a course participant, you will walk away with practical tools and an action plan for how to move forward on youth-inclusive market research. 


      YFS Market Research, 230 Kb

      Additional Information

      For more information, to access the entire curriculum, or to arrange for a seminar or training of trainers (ToT), please contact Alexi Taylor-Grosman at [email protected]

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