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Savings Demand Market Research Study West Bank and Gaza

This study examined savings demand in the West Bank and Gaza. Key recommendations included use of financial education, development of savings products with a focus on relationship banking, with a particular focus on entrepreneurs, unbanked women, adults saving for their children, unbanked youth and individuals with salary deposits.


Sophie Forbes and Jennifer Harley, Mennonite Economic Development Associates


This study was requested by Academy for Education’s (AED) Expanded and Sustained Access to Financial Services (ESAF) program. The findings and recommendations in this report are based on data collected by the Alpha Survey Company of 858 respondents who were interviewed in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The data was then analyzed and summarized by Mennonite Economic Development Advisors (MEDA), in accordance with the objectives set by AED and its subcontractor, ShoreBank International (SBI).

The ESAF program supports USAID in its efforts to build a more inclusive financial sector that increases financial services for Palestinian households and micro, small and medium enterprises. Through a variety of interventions, ESAF addresses identified weaknesses in the financial system at the consumer, institution, and regulatory environment levels. The program also includes a fixed capital financing mechanism that funds Small and Medium Enterprise equipment upgrades, assists with the creation of joint ventures and technology transfers.


West Bank, Gaza, Mobile Banking, Youth, Savings, Financial Institutions, Entrepreneurs, Women, Marketing, Education


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